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Clash Of Kings Hack and Cheats

Clash Of Kings Hack – Our Ultimate Tool

Perhaps one of the most popular and enjoyable games available right now is Clash of Kings. However, there’s no denying how difficult it can be to get ahead, especially if you are new to the game and you are having to compete against people who’ve been playing for several months or even several years already.

Fortunately, we have a Clash of Kings hack for you that will allow you to get all of the resources you need and also accelerate the game, so you can update your village and start competing with your friends who have been playing the game for longer than you.

In this guide, we’re going to reveal how it’s possible to achieve all of this and more using our revolutionary hacking tool, so let’s get straight to it.

How does the Clash of Kings hack work?

While you won’t want to know all of the complicated ins and outs of our software, it’s safe to say that our experienced coders have developed an incredible tool that can directly communicate with the official servers that are owned by the creators of the Clash of Kings game. Just as you’d expect, this means we can change a number of key figures for your account, such as your currency, your build times, and a whole lot more.

Keep in mind that all of your account information is stored on their servers, but with a few simple tricks and back doors, we are able to slip in without being detected, and this allows us to give you all of the coins you need without you risking your account.

The tool we use is also incredibly intuitive, so you simply enter your username and you can trust our team of coders to get you the coins for you no matter the time of day or night.

Is the Clash of Kings hack safe?

The safety of your account is always going to be a top priority for us, especially if you’ve already put a lot of hours and effort into making it the best you can. Fortunately, our hack is one of the few that is safe to use, and we haven’t had any reports of people being suspended or banned due to its use.

Primarily, this is because we use an incredibly powerful VPN IP hiding function that means the official servers will never know that you have personally accessed your account data on the server side and changed your currency settings.

Ultimately, this should give you great peace of mind to know that you will be safe to use the tool, and while you may find a range of other tools on YouTube or Google, this is one of the few options that you can actually trust and rely on if you want to make sure your account is safe while you are hacking your in-game currency.

How does the Clash of Kings hack work?

clash of kings

Another reason why you will be thrilled to use this tool is the fact that it is incredibly easy to use. This is great news for anybody who doesn’t consider themselves a coder, and you certainly do not need to be a hacking expert in order to get the best results from it either.

At its core, the user experience is very simple indeed, and you simply need to add some pieces of account information, press the button, and you will be ready to go.

Furthermore, we do not need to know your password in order for the tool to work, as the username field is the only essential thing we need to access your account on the server side and make the changes that you want.

Monster Legends Hack and Cheats Tool

Monster Legends Hack — How to get Free Gems Cheats

monster legendz

Greeting Monster Legends players. HAve you ever been in the middle of an epic quest and suddenly realized you just don’t have the resources to make a next big move. Or you need something from the Monsters Legend store but haven’t the Gold or Gems to make the transaction?

We have all been there before. I was stuck for weeks and unable to move on without a resource solution, Fast!

Then I heard tell of some perfect solution to my very issue in the form of a simple tool. Imagine a tool that allows you to generate a virtually limitless stock of Gems, Food and Gold to support your quests and campaigns and is still inconspicuous enough to never attract attention.

This is the very tool that I have wielded with some devil-may-care efficiency to seriously bolster my playing power and unleash my swarthy beasts upon my unsuspecting foes. MUah ha ha! I know because this is a device of my own design and cunning and something that took me time and effort to perfect.

But, before you download, update or click on anything, take a moment to skim over this short introduction to my special tool and how it can work to save you time and effort. More importantly, allow me to explain that this is completely safe and won’t place you or your account at risk.

So, without further introduction here is the how-to guide to using and my specially developed Monster Legends hack.

How My Monster Legends Hack Works

I will try to use English that anyone can understand, as the details of this project may sound like fiddle-faddle to all but the well-versed in coding and programming skills. The first thing to understand about the Monster Legends Hack is that all of your information including names, login name, your monsters, your eggs, your Granuy or Vodyanoy, and even your stockpiles of gold, gems and food are all kept on a server. A “server” is like a giant warehouse where all the information about your account and the millions of other accounts is held. Here is the important storage spot where the number of your gems, gold and food supplies rest.

All the information for my account and band of monster was kept. So I said to myself, “Hacker Extraordinaire if you could locate a little hole in the server’s security system, I can craft a tool to fit inside and make some minor adjustments before slipping away leaving the authorities none the wiser.”

Even though, I wasn’t breaking into CIA secrets, I figured the job would only be done right if there was no way to get caught breaking into the server. This point was very important to me and it took almost two years to create the perfect tool that could be used repeatedly without scuffing up the system and making a mess of things.

So, this is basically how it works. I will provide the tools and you only need to enter your username and the number of Gems, Gold, and Food you’d like increased in your stockpile. This isn’t stealing because the new gems, gold, and food are quite literally created from thin air.

Is our resource generator safe to use?

monster legends screen

Absolutely! We have even included a special VPN and IP-address hider that will keep the locations and identities of the user completely hidden from prying eyes. This tool allows you to make whatever adjustments to your inventory without anyone ever finding out EVER!

Furthermore, it is simple to use and we don’t ask for your password. We don’t need it, after all, we aren’t going to be using the front door anyway.

Forge Of Empires Cheats and Hack

Forge Of Empires Cheats – Our Ultimate Hacking Tool


If you have always wanted to find some genuine and highly effective Forge of Empires cheats that really work, then you’ve come to the right place. In fact, using our latest hacking tool technology we are able to provide you with a range of effective cheats and hacks that will give you the upper hand whenever you’re playing the popular Forge of Empires game.

So what kind of results can you expect from these tools? Well, you’ll be able to generate all of the resources you need, along with unlimited in-game currency to unlock all of the different abilities and features within the game, so you’ll definitely be able to get ahead faster than you ever thought possible.

In this article, we’re going to highlight a few of the unique characteristics of our hacking tools, so you will soon understand why they are the right thing to try if you want to get ahead.

How do our Forge of Empires cheats work?

First of all, our tools use a range of sophisticated coding technology that allows us to directly communicate with the host Forge of Empires server, which ultimately means we can edit most of the key account data you need. For example, this means you can alter your in-game currency which allows you to unlock all of the free coins you desire.

In fact, our tools are some of the most sophisticated on the market right now, and our dedicated team has uncovered a range of loopholes and backdoors that allow us to slip in undetected and make the relevant changes to your account without getting caught.

Obviously, making sure you aren’t caught using our tools is of paramount importance, because otherwise, you may risk your account being banned. Fortunately, this has never happened in the history of our tools, and we use a range of important safety features that ensure this is safe.

Is our Forge of Empires tool safe to use?

forge of empires

If you are worried about breaching your account agreement, then you are right to be concerned. However, our technology uses a powerful VPN IP hiding function that means the official servers will never know that you are using our tools. Furthermore, in the unlikely event that you were caught for some reason, then they will not be are to directly trace the usage to your account thanks to our clever technology, so your account will be safe throughout every stage of the process.

Ultimately, this is what sets us apart from our competition, and it’s also why our tool is one of the few available that can generally give you the results you want without risking your account.

How does the Forge of Empires cheats tool work?

Another fantastic feature of our unique tool is the fact that it is incredibly simple to use. Interestingly, this is one of the reasons why so many people love to use our tools in the first place, as you do not need to have extensive coding experience in order to hack the game.

All you need to do is enter a few basic account details, although we do not need your password in order to make the tool work for you. Once you have added your username, you simply click the generate free coins button, and this will allow our tool to quickly get to work with all of the keys behind the scene functions that will give you the results you’re seeking.

Of course, you may need to be patient for a few minutes, but once the tool has finished its work, you can login to your game and see the results for yourself.

Super Mechs Hacked and Cheats

Super Mechs Hacked – How To Use Our Unique Tool

It’s safe to say that Super Mechs is a seriously fun and exciting game to play, but if you really want to get ahead, then you’re going to need some extra coins to unlock everything in the game.

With this in mind, our dedicated development team have been hard at work to make a hacking tool that genuinely works to deliver you all of the free coins and abilities you need.

Furthermore, our tool is incredibly easy to use as well, so you don’t need to be a master hacker to be able to use it. Now, let’s take a closer look at the details of how this tool actually works.

How does our Super Mechs Hacked tool actually work?

While you won’t want us to bore you to death with all of the technical details, the most important thing for you to understand is that we have discovered a few backdoors and loopholes that allow us to connect with the game servers and edit a few of the key details they hold about your account.

Of course, while most inferior hacking tools only let you manipulate data on the ‘client side’, our revolutionary tool can genuinely update your account on the server side as well, which means our tool can sneak in and update your coins without tripping any wires or flagging your account for hacking in any shape or form.

But is it safe to use?

There’s no denying that you’re wise to be careful about the hacking tools you use, because you don’t want to get your account suspended or banned. However, you can rest assured that our tool is far safer than anything else you may have seen advertised online, particularly if you’ve been trawling through Google or Youtube to find a Super Mechs Hacked tool.

In fact, our tool uses an important IP hiding technology that ensures your personal account will never be compromised or flagged as a suspicious account, so you aren’t taking a risk at all when you decide to give our unique tool a try.

Furthermore, this means that your account and personal details will be safe and protected at all times.

How can I use the Super Mechs hacked tool?

super mechs robot

Despite the overall complexity of our coding that our development team has managed to create, you’ll be delighted to learn that the tool is incredibly simple and intuitive when it comes to use for the end user. Additionally, this has been a real priority of the team, to make sure that the tool is simple and easy to use for anybody who wants to improve their account, so you do not need have an expert knowledge in order to use it.

Simply put, you will only need to enter a few basic details about your account, with the most important piece of information being your account username. Armed with this information, the tool can connect to the servers directly and update your coins with no trouble at all.

Once you have entered the information and clicked the generate button, you may need to wait a few minutes in order for the tool to get to work and for the account update. If you login after a few minutes, you will usually see the update has occurred. However, in some cases, it can take anywhere up to an hour for the updates to be confirmed by the server, so be patient during this stage and give it time to run without using it too often in frequent succession.

Overall, using our hacking tool is an excellent choice if you want to get ahead in this fun and exciting game.

Marvel Contest Of Champions Hack and Cheats

Marvel Contest Of Champions Hack – Our Ultimate Tool

Marvel Contest Of Champions logo


If you are looking for a Marvel Contest Of Champions hack that will help you to get more in-game currency to unlock all the features you want to explore, then you’ve come to the right place.

There’s no denying how frustrating it can be when you don’t have enough coins to unlock the content you want to play with, and this also makes it much harder to advance your character in the Marvel Contest Of Champions game to begin with. For our Marvel Contest Of Champions Hack No survey has to be completed to use.

However, what if we were to tell you that we have the ideal solution for getting the coins you need and unlocking the content you want? Furthermore, how about if we were to tell you that you can achieve all of this without getting your account banned or even anybody noticing how you are doing it?

Well, you’ll be pleased to discover that we have developed a Marvel Contest Of Champions hack that can do all of these things and more, so you can rest assured that it will be simple and intuitive to get all the coins you need without any trouble whatsoever. In fact, all it takes is a few simple clicks and you will be able to unlock all of the coins you need and ultimately play the game how you want to.

In this guide, we’re going to show you how these hacking tools work and why they are an absolute no-brainer for anybody who wants to get the most out of the game.

How does our Marvel Contest Of Champions Cheat work?

Without going into the technical details, our tool works by changing the data that is stored on the host server, and by altering the information here, our tool can slip in the back door and change your in-game currency without alerting the official servers to what has happened.

Of course, you may be concerned about getting caught by doing this, but you can rest assured that this is highly unlikely due to our sophisticated tools that do not manipulate the game in the way the host servers expecting. Instead, our teams have found a unique backdoor or loophole that cannot be stopped without breaking the game entirely.

Ultimately, this means you can benefit from all of the extra in-game currency you want, without having any risk of being caught or found out by the host server.

Is our Marvel Contest Of Champions APK really safe to use?

Any sensible person may be skeptical about some of the claims made so far, but you really will be safe to use this tool as we have developed a unique VPN IP hiding ability which will make sure you won’t be found out at all. In the worst-case scenario, if you were discovered, the host servers won’t be able to discover anything about you as your unique IP is being hidden by the tool itself.

As you can tell, this means you will be in safe hands whenever you use our Marvel Contest Of Champions hack tool.

How do I use the tool?

Even though our tool is very sophisticated behind the scenes, you’ll be surprised to learn how simple it is to use. In fact, all you need to do is login with the tool, click the generate free coins button, and our tool will get to work.

While you may be concerned about giving us your account details, you only need to fill in the username field without the password, so we will not need to access your account directly in order to make this work. Once the tool is connected to the server, you can simply generate all of the in-game currency you need, and after a few minutes, you should see it in your account.

Boom Beach Hack and Cheats

Boom Beach Hack – Our Best Tool

boom beach logo with soldiers

If you’ve been searching for a Boom Beach hack that will give you the results you want without letting you down, then you simply must take a closer look at what we’ve developed for you.

In fact, while most Boom Beach hacks are little more than scams, you can rest assured that our unique tool can give you the positive results you want, and you’ll be delighted with the results it can give you. Keeping this in mind, let’s take a look at how this hack tool works.

How does our Boom Beach hacking tool work?

One of the most important things to consider when you’re looking to hack a game like Boom Beach is knowing how the tool actually works and whether it’s going to get you in trouble with the game creator.

Now, while most hacking tools may go against the terms and agreements, the real thing you need to concern yourself with is whether you’ll be detected. With this in mind, our developer team has worked hard to make sure your account will be as safe as possible when you’re using our tool, and we haven’t had any reported problems at all.

When it comes to learning how our tool actually works, the key thing to understand is that our tool directly connects with the official server behind the scenes using a few special loopholes that our team have found. In fact, these loopholes are so well hidden that the official game creators have no idea they exist, and this means there’s very little suspicion whenever you use our powerful tools to alter your in-game currency and get to where you want to be in the game.

But is the Boom Beach Cheat really safe to use?

While any hacking tool such as this comes with its share of risks, we’re proud to say that our unique tool is one of the safest you could ever possibly use, simply because we use a unique IP hiding technology that’ll make sure the host servers never directly sees you editing your account.

Ultimately, this means that even if they did notice a change in your account, it will not be directly traced to you, and there will be no risk of you losing your account whatsoever. Hopefully, this will give you the peace of mind to give our tool a fair try and see the positive results for yourself.

How can you get started with our Boom Beach hack tool?

You’ll be pleased to know that despite the incredible power of our Boom Beach Cheats, it’s actually very simple for you to use as the end user. All you will need to do is add a few basic account details into the tool, such as your username.

What’s more, unlike many other hacking tools you may have seen elsewhere, our tool doesn’t require you to enter your personal account password at all, so you can rest assured that your account details will be safe. Hopefully, this fact will go some way towards convincing you that our tool is the real deal, and isn’t simply out to steal your account details.

At the end of the day, it’s easy to say that our Boom Beach hacking tool is one of the most powerful and effective on the market, and you’re going to be thrilled with the results it can provide for you if you’re willing to take the leap and give it a try. There’s no denying how frustrating this game can be at times, but our tool can help you to get to where you want to be and enjoy all the coins you need to progress further.

House Of Fun Free Coins Tool | Cheat and Hack

House Of Fun Free Coins Tool – Here’s How It Works

house of fun game screen

If you’re looking to unlock some House of Fun free coins, then this guide is going to tell you exactly how to do it with no trouble whatsoever. In fact, you’ll be surprised to see how easy it can be to get all of the free coins you need using our unique hacking tool, so let’s take a closer look at how it works.

First of all, there’s no denying how fun and addictive the House of Fun game can be, but you’re going to need plenty of coins if you’re going to get the most out of this game.

Now, you may be thinking that hacking tools won’t really work, or may even risk getting banned, but you’ll be pleased to learn that our tool has been functioning for some time now without any hassles or hang-ups, and it uses a range of sophisticated VPN IP hiding technology to make sure you will never get caught using it.

In this article, we’re going to explain how it manages to function so effectively, and why it’s an excellent choice if you’re looking to get more House of Fun free coins for your account.

How does the House of Fun free coins hack work?


Without boring you with all the minor details, our sophisticated hacking tool is able to communicate directly with the House of Fun server, which is where all of your key account data is kept. Of course, most hacking tools you have come across in the past can only manipulate the data stored on your own game, but our unique technology can actually communicate with your account directly on the host server, which means we can give you free coins for real.

In fact, our unique technology can take advantage of several loopholes and backdoors that are found on the server, and this allows you to edit your number of coins without ever being noticed.

As you’d expect, making sure you aren’t found out is a key part of making this work, as all of the free coins are worthless if your account is suspended due to using a hacking tool. Fortunately, we can give you a great deal of confidence when you use our tool, as it has been proven to work for quite some time now without any problems.

Is the House of Fun free coins cheat safe?

Safety will always be a paramount concern whenever you’re using a tool that can edit your account on the host server, but you’ll be pleased to know that we take safety very seriously indeed, and we do not have any records of people losing their accounts or being suspended after using this tool.

Of course, this is largely due to the unique IP hiding technology we use, so the developers of the game have no way of telling that you have edited your coins and they will never be able to find out either.

How can you use the House of Fun free coin hack?

You will be delighted to learn that the tool is incredibly simple and intuitive to use, so even if you aren’t a computer genius, you’ll have no problem getting the results you want from it.

All you need to do is enter your account details and hit the generate free coins button, and within a few minutes, you should have an update on your account. Keep in mind that we do not need to know your password for this to work, so you don’t need to worry about your account details been stolen by us or anybody else. With just your username, we can update your account in no time at all and give you the coins you’re looking for.

Maplestory Hack and Cheats | Leveling Guide Inside

the UI of maplstory in chinese


First of all, let me explain to you the authority of hacking. This power is past your imagination. Game hacking is the procedure of altering the games files and memory to achieve an advantage over other players. Hackers usually employ hacks to get money and enhance their level faster including doing everything better and irregularly. Hacks are of different kinds, from memory altering to program stripping to packet modifying. There are many different hacks out there

MapleStory Cheats

Most hacks are concentrated on either making money (mesos) or leveling up quicker. Similarly, there are situational exploits which make farming equipment, levels and money much more effective. Nevertheless, the most common way of hacking is bots, because they are nearly untraceable. Most hacks work for every class but are most effective with ranged ones. In regards to hacks: The more understandable a cheating procedure is, the greater the chance of people reporting you for hacking, so ensure you appear as human as you can. Also take into account that if you misuse hacks, then you may ruin the excitement not just for yourself, but also for everybody utilizing the same cheat. The same applies for stealthy merchant schemes: If you convey to other people how you use an effective way of farming, crafting, alchemy or whatsoever to make masses of mesos, soon everybody will use it and eventually it becomes useless. These MapleStory Cheats are a very good way to earn currencies in-game.

MapleStory Bots

In MapleStory, Bots are just programs which will take regulate your in-game character by performing repetitive tasks automatically. They can kill gangs; gather items, trade items, trade, and craft to perform all kinds of crafting that are usually effective at routinely producing money and raising your character up to the highest levels. Previously it was possible to synchronize hacks and bots to enable you to farm entire maps in seconds. Thus if you’re on the map and you realize mobs are randomly dying, at that point, you discern the presence of hackers on your server. MapleStory is designed 2D format, therefore, bots are quite effective and virtually never get held. They can also be used to accumulate such affluence, that you may even be forced to trade your portfolio for actual world cash. How quick you can farm mesos and experience this depends on the bots you are utilizing and the kinds of maps that you are farming, however, usually you ought to be able to do well on any character in 2 or 3 weeks.

How MapleStory Hacks Work

maplestory hack

Injecting a code into any game and altering the how it is managed on your machine is known as hacking. In MapleStory, you are able to fly, move through obstacles and also control projectiles that you intend to shoot. Nevertheless, most of these hacking procedures are being changed sooner or later. Sometimes back, it was possible to get mesos, items and unrestrained health through hacks. Nowadays, hacks are regularly used to farm swiftly. There are hacks which enable you to hurt gangs that are far away from you, all you need to do is go into a map and then spam your assaults to destroy all the adversaries at once. However, it is vital to consider that you might get barred from MapleStory if you use an outdated hack or if you do so haphazardly. To avoid detection, it is preferable that you use paid hacks or perfectly ensure that your software is up to date. The MapleStory Hacks work in a very simple way, and it is very easy to use.

Are there any MapleStory leveling guides on this website?

Sure there are! We have been playing with this game since day one, and mastered every aspect of it. Because we want you to have a good time as well, next to our maplestory hack, we are offering a free maplestory leveling guide as well. You can easily download this by clicking on the button below. With this maplestory guide, you will easily reach everything you ever wanted to achieve in the game.

Pokemon Shuffle Mobile Codes | Android and iOS

Finding Pokemon Shuffle Mobile Codes

pokemon shuffle game on android and ios

If you love Pokemon and puzzles, you need to check out Pokemon Shuffle as soon as you can. This adorable and addictive game is a lot of fun to play. Once you start playing this game, you’ll want to obtain some Pokemon Shuffle codes. Here are a few tips that can help you get the codes you need.

Check On Social Media

One of the easiest places to find codes for Pokemon Shuffle is on social media. From Twitter to Facebook, you’ll be able to find codes on nearly every major social media site. Of course, these codes aren’t just going to appear in the wild. If you want to find codes, you’ll have to take the time to look for them.

The best way to ensure that you see every code that crops up on social media is to follow accounts that talk about Pokemon Shuffle. If you follow accounts that are focused on this game, you’ll be able to find all kinds of codes.

Get Involved In Pokemon Shuffle Communities

pokemons in pokemon shuffle

As is the case with many popular games, there are entire communities that revolve around Pokemon Shuffle. If you become a member of some of these communities, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with people that love Pokemon Shuffle just as much as you do.

Making friends with fans of this game will help you to see a lot more Pokemon Shuffle mobile codes than you normally would. When one of your friends see a code for the game, they’ll make sure you see the code to. That way, everyone will be able to take advantage of the perks the code offers.

Make Sure You’re On Mailing Lists

Mailing lists are a fantastic way to keep track of things that are important to you. If you’re like most people, you probably check your email on a daily basis. Putting yourself on mailing lists will allow you to see any important updates about Pokemon Shuffle. Of course, that includes codes.

You don’t have to limit yourself to a single mailing list. You can actually sign up for a few different lists that are related to Pokemon Shuffle. The more lists you’re on, the more codes you’ll be able to see.

Play The Game On A Regular Basis

If you only play Pokemon Shuffle every once in a while, you’re going to miss out on many of the things that the game has to offer. There are going to be lots of codes that you’ll never have the chance to take advantage of.

That’s why you should make a point of playing the game frequently. You don’t have to play it every single day, but you should try to play at least a few times a week. The more you play, the more likely it is that you’ll be able to see new codes.

Pay Attention To Your Push Notifications

If you’re playing Pokemon Shuffle on mobile, you will want to make sure that you have push notifications enabled. If you’re able to receive notifications from the app, you’ll be able to keep an eye out for any important updates.

If there’s something big going on with Pokemon Shuffle, you should get a message on your phone. Check to see whether or not you have push notifications turned on for this app. If you don’t have them enabled, make sure enable them right away.

Pay Attention To Sites That Share Codes

There are a few sites that specialize in sharing codes from games like this one. Whether a site covers a range of mobile games or is focused on Pokemon Shuffle exclusively, you’ll want to keep your eyes on any and all sites that talk about Shuffle.

You should try to follow these sites on social media. They may be some of the first sites to share new codes. You should also look at some of the other content that is shared on the site. You could find a lot of valuable information that way.

Try Using Pokemon Shuffle Codes for Android or iOS More Than Once

Not all codes for this game are designed to be single-use codes. You’ll probably encounter a handful of codes that can be used multiple times. You’ll be able to enjoy the codes you find time and time again.

How can you determine whether or not a code can be used multiple times? In some cases, this information can be found on the site that contains the code. In other cases, you’ll be able to find out by entering in the code more than once. It can’t hurt to try a code a second time.

Make Sure You Look For Codes Around Holidays

It is very common for new codes to be released during the holiday season. If there is a big holiday coming up, you should check to see if any new codes have been announced. There’s a good chance you will see a code or two.

You should also look for codes when new Pokemon releases are approaching. For example, when the latest Pokemon game is about the see released, you may see new codes for the game. If there is something big going on, there is probably a code available.

How can you download Pokemon Shuffle Codes?

Downloading Pokemon Shuffle Codes for Android or iOS

Downloading these codes for the game Pokemon Shuffle shouldn’t be a hard task, that is why we have created this website. We have gathered every code on the internet and put them in a word document, which you can download from our website. Feel free to share it if you found it useful, as we would like to reach as many people as possible.

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask People For Help

If you’ve been looking for a code for a while, and you haven’t managed to find one, you shouldn’t just give up. Instead, you should try asking people to help you with your search.

There are plenty of places for you to ask about codes for Pokemon Shuffle. Whether you ask on Reddit, Facebook, or someone else entirely, there is a good chance that someone will swoop in and help you out. From there, you’ll be able to get the code that you wanted.

Finding Pokemon Shuffle mobile codes should be a breeze if you know what you are doing. Try out the suggestions above so that you can get all of the codes you want. You should be able to put those codes to good use!

Entrevista a Jon Cortázar de Relevo Videogames

Por extraño que parezca, moverse por la escena retro te da la oportunidad de conocer gente que de verdad tiene mucho que decir en el medio. Y es que, más allá de los aficionados que de vez en cuando sacamos del trastero nuestros viejos sistemas para volver a disfrutarlos, están los que hacen eso mismo para seguir desarrollando programas y juegos para esos sistemas. Es un sentimiento que va más allá de la simple nostalgia e incluso de la curiosidad histórica, y que demuestra al mundo que sistemas como SpectrumAmstrad CPC o MSX no necesitan seguir vigentes en los grandes circuitos comerciales para seguir vivos.

Jon Cortázar (Bilbao, 1978) es uno de esos individuos a los que el aguijón del bicho del retro-gaming les pinchó hasta la médula. Director Creativo de la agencia de publicidad Vals, comenzó a desarrollar juegos para MSX en 2002 y hoy, casi diez años después, y a pesar de la que está cayendo, se lanza a la aventura del desarrollo profesional de videojuegos bajo su propio sello, Relevo Videogames. Y hoy, en Gamikia,  el tenemos el honor de contar con él para que nos explique este proceso… y muchas cosas más.

Para empezar, y aún a riesgo de que salgas de aquí corriendo, te voy a hacer las preguntas que casi todo el mundo te hace, así, en bloque: ¿Cómo empezaste en el desarrollo de videojuegos?¿Cuál fue el primer juego o demo que hiciste? ¿Cómo era?

Pues empecé con mi MSX, desarrollando pequeños juegos en BASIC con mis hermanos. Nos comíamos las revistas con listados de juegos, que tecleábamos y modificábamos después: me acuerdo de títulos que programamos de cero en aquella época, como Super Space Ball (un clon de Pong), Jumpy in Magical Island(una especie de Adventures of Lolo) o Mah Jong (que en realidad era un juego de parejas). Estos juegos se perdieron en el tiempo, y aunque recuperé los cassettes donde estaban grabados, ya los datos estaban muy degradados y no cargan. Más adelante, ya a nivel profesional y trabajando en agencia de publicidad, desarrollé algún juego web (Breaking Blox, un clon de Break Out, para un portal) y varios desarrollos de juegos educativos para PC, donde realicé las labores de creativo y programador principal freelance (CivyRallyRefugiadosInnogame). Fue durante ese proceso cuando, tras visitar una Reunión de Usuarios de MSX en Barcelona (en 2002), me picó el gusanillo de desarrollar de nuevo para la plataforma que disfruté de niño. A partir de ahí, y con la ayuda y enseñanzas de Eduardo Robsy, me integré en el grupo de desarrollo Karoshi Corporation, donde desarrollamos juntos en pocos años un montón de títulos de cierta calidad para el standard japonés.

¿Cuándo y cómo nace Relevo Videogames? ¿Quiénes sois?

El proceso de desarrollo de La Corona Encantada sin duda marca el nacimiento de Relevo Videogames. En la creación de este juego se incorporan tres elementos cruciales, distintos a los trabajos que habíamos hecho en Karoshi Corporation, dónde soliamos hacer un poco las cosas entre Edu y yo, mano a mano. El primero de esos elementos es la multiplataforma: el juego, inicialmente planteado para MSX, se diseñó con el aspecto de las antiguas conversiones “directas” de Spectrum, con lo que el proyecto era ideal para plantear un port y salir del MSX para explorar una plataforma 8 bits diferente. El segundo de los factores diferenciadores sería la participación activa de colaboradores dentro del desarrollo: tuvimos importantes colaboraciones, como la de José Vicente Masó en la programación musical y efectos, Sergo Vaquer en la genial composición musical, Javier Peña y Daniel Zorita como apoyo a la conversión del juego a Spectrum, etc. Y el tercer elemento sería, sin duda, abrir la posibilidad de que un juego para 8 bits contara con un presupuesto de producción, contratando a Alfonso Azpiri para el desarrollo de la ilustración principal para la carátula del juego, que influyó en gran parte en el diseño gráfico del mismo. En esos momentos, y desde hacía ya un par de años, Edu ralentizó su ritmo de desarrollo, dedicándole cada vez menos tiempo: yo, que seguía a tope, le iba bombardeando a mails con ideas, proyectos y demás… Finalmente, decidimos ir cada uno por nuestro lado, yo creando algo nuevo, y el manteniendo Karoshi Corporation, de la cual es fundador y aún mantiene muy viva y con una comunidad de usuarios muy activos detrás. Yo, por mi parte, y aprovechando el lanzamiento de la descarga gratuita de La Corona Encantada en edición especial MSX y para Spectrum, fundé Relevo Videogames, con la idea de continuar la linea marcada por La Corona Encantada en el resto de desarrollos. Ahora mismo, y tras 2 años y pico de vida, hemos desarrollado ya 6 títulos para ordenadores de 8-bits, además de estar trabajando en juegos para web y smartphones que saldrán a la luz próximamente.

La Corona Encantada (MSX)

La Corona Encantada (MSX)

Vuestra producción más temprana se puede encuadrar en la scene de los ordenadores de 8 bits, especialmente en la de MSX. ¿Por qué desarrollar hoy juegos para ordenadores de hace más de 20 años?

Porque nos gusta, nos divierte y es lo que nos pide el cuerpo. A mi, personalmente, aunque también juego a videojuegos para plataformas actuales, me gusta mucho jugar con mi MSX. Lo que permite el trabajo de la escena de ordenadores de 8 bits es que, además de poder jugar a tus juegos clásicos de siempre, puedas disfrutar de producciones nuevas para tu sistema favorito, dotándole de savia nueva y haciendo que siga vivo. ¿Por qué desarrollar para sistemas de 8 bits? Pues no lo se, tal vez sea por lo mismo que las productoras musicales siguen produciendo a dia de hoy discos en formato vinilo: para que la gente que dispone o que se compra un giradiscos tenga la oportunidad de conseguir productos actuales con los de disfrutar sobre su plataforma. Desde mi punto de vista, un sistema vintage no se revive enseñándolo dentro de una vitrina en un museo, sino dotándole de nuevos desarrollos.

A lo mejor sería prolijo ir preguntándote por todos vuestros juegos para MSX y Spectrum uno a uno, así que, ¿te puedo pedir que nos hagas un esbozo de vuestra obra en la scene? ¿Qué juegos habéis desarrollado hasta ahora para ordenadores de 8 bits?

La Corona Encantada fue nuestro primer lanzamiento y el que definió realmente los procesos de desarrollo de nuestros proyectos 8 bits. Es un plataformas sencillo, enmarcado en un entorno medieval, pero tengo un gran cariño por ese juego, por la ambientación conseguida, por el diseño del mapeado y por todo lo que significó para nosotros desarrollar un proyecto tan maduro como ése. Tras La Corona Encantada surgió British Bob, un pequeño juego para MSX con un gameplay muy sencillo, en el que debes guiar a Bob, un gentlemaninglés, en su misión por recuperar las galletitas de té robadas en el Reino Unido: es un juego que particularmente me encanta, y que recibió muy buenas criticas, incluso en medios ingleses, que valoraron la parte cómica de los topicazos ingeleses que contiene el juego. Entre estos juegos, creamos un par de aventuras de texto al estilo libro-juego para MSX y Spectrum, muy sencillas, pero con historias muy interesantes y sólidas: mi hermano Kepa trabajó en el guión de Está en la Caja y Aratz Juanes esbozó la trama de Está en el Pantano.

British Bob (MSX)

British Bob (MSX)

Tras estas producciones nos centramos en un proyecto mucho mayor, queriendo mantener la linea de La Corona Encantada: incorporando a César Astudillo (Gominolas) en la parte de composición musical y a Sergio Martínez en la parte de diseño, desarrollamos para MSX y Spectrum Invasion of the Zombie Monsters, algo que se salía completamente de lo que habíamos hecho hasta el momento: se trata de un claro tributo a Ghost and Goblins, un shooter de scroll horizontal con temática de terror/comedia donde nuestro geekfavorito, Ned, tiene que rescatar a su novia de las garras de un demonio. Esta producción fue elegida el año pasado por los usuarios de World of Spectrum como el mejor juego de Spectrum de 2010, y comentado como juego destacado en RetroGamer con una puntuación de 90/100: incluso está listado en un artículo de 1UP.COM acerca de los 31 juegos homebrew a los que merece la pena jugar. Y ya tras IOTZM, llega nuestra más reciente producción para 8 bits, Azzurro 8 Bit Jam, que es un juego de puzzles y habilidad para MSX y Spectrum, que es nuestro primer juego profesional desarrollado para este tipo de plataformas.

Invasion of the Zombie Monsters (MSX)

Tenéis unas muy cuidadas ediciones físicas de estos juegos para aquellos dispuestos a desempolvar sus ordenadores antiguos. ¿Cómo distribuís este material?

Todas nuestras producciones pueden descargarse gratuitamente a través de nuestra web. Pero para quien quiera, desarrollamos también ediciones físicas de nuestros juegos, con su caja, manual y demás. Hasta ahora, todos nuestros productos están disponibles en edición física en la web de Matra Computer Automations, que son quienes realizan dichas producciones y se encargan de distribuirlas, tanto en ferias como on-line.

Hace relativamente poco tiempo habéis dado el gran paso hacia el mundo profesional, con un concepto muy poco conocido, como es el advergame. ¿Qué es un advergame?

En realidad no es tan desconocido: multitud de marcas y de productos cuentan con su propio videojuego web para publicitarse, o con su propia aplicación para smartphones: incluso desde los 8 bits, y en España, tenemos el ejemplo de Whopper Chase. En esta etapa profesional de Relevo Videogames, en la que casi llevamos ya un año, tenemos como punto estratégico no solo el desarrollo de producto propio, sino de advergames por encargo, tanto para plataformas actuales como 8 bit. Nuestro proceso de profesionalización a través de la agencia de publicidad Vals, como su línea de videojuegos, propició también ese tipo de proyectos de juegos orientados a la comunicación: ahora, y aunque Relevo Videogames, S.L. ya es una empresa independiente, el advergaming sigue formando parte importante de nuestra estrategia.

En esa línea está Azurro 8 Bit Jam. ¿Cómo surgió?

Azzurro 8 Bit Jam es fruto de conversaciones con el Pub Azzurro de Bilbao y con Sergio Itxaso, dueño del local, y con quien a principio de año trabajamos una serie de propuestas de comunicación y merchandisingcara a 2011. Recientemente Relevo Videogames se había integrado en la Agencia Vals, así que dentro de las propuestas estaba, lógicamente, un advergame, en este caso para sistemas 8 bits, dado el perfil del cliente y las caracterísiticas de su local y su público: música rock, actual y de los años 80, videoclips y videos frikis… En fin, que de todas las propuestas, Sergio se lanzó a hacer el juego, y empezamos a trabajar en ello. Lo cierto es que el hecho de conseguir lanzar un juego de Spectrum y MSX de encargo, ponerlo a disposición de la gente en un par de máquinas en un local, y vender cassettes allí mismo del juego en su versión Spectrumhubiera sido completamente imposible de no ser por la valentía del cliente y la confianza que depositó en nosotros en todo momento. A día de hoy, el juego sigue muy vivo y se siguen machacando los récords, que ya superan los 5 millones de puntos.

¿Qué otras obras tenéis en este mercado de los advergames?

Recientemente hemos publicado un juego web para Karealde, concesionario oficial Opel y Chevrolet: el juego se trata de Kar Snatchers, un videojuego sencillo cuya dificultad va aumentando de forma progresiva, en la que manejas un OVNI que sobrevuela el concesionario y que debe abducir el máximo número de vehículos posibles antes de que las minas te destruyan: el juego dispone de leaderboards globales y mensuales, con los que el cliente desarrollará promociones puntuales, con regalos de merchandising con la imagen del videojuego, y no se descarta publicarlo en dispositivos iOS para su descarga gratuita. Por otro lado, estamos en pleno desarrollo de otro advergame para PC que se distribuirá en edición física en centros de formación, cuyo desarrollo se completará en un par de meses. Si con eso contamos con que tenemos ya aprobado otro proyecto de desarrollo para Facebook, podríamos decir que, en cuanto a advergaming, y cara a marzo de 2012 donde cumpliríamos un año tras la profesionalización, habríamos desarrollado advergames para casi todas las plataformas que nos interesaban a corto plazo, esto es: juegos web, desktopmobile, social y 8 bits.

He visto que, en los últimos eventos, como la GameFest, habéis exhibido con especial orgullo un juego titulado Ba-Boon!. Cuéntanos un poco la génesis de este juego. ¿De dónde viene la idea?

Ba-Boon!Ba-Boon! es nuestro proyecto de desarrollo propio en el que más esfuerzos estamos invirtiendo. Se trata de un juego que mezcla puzzles y plataformas con una pizca de físicas, que está planteado para iOSAndroid y MSX. Los primeros diseños datan de 2009, pero se partió prácticamente de cero con nuevos diseños a principios de este año cara a que el juego fuera nuesta carta de presentación para el Certámen Internacional hóPlay 2011. Con el objetivo claro de conseguir al menos una nominación, empezamos a trabajar en una versión demo de 7 pantallas, donde el motor estaba ya totalmente escrito y dónde podía jugarse a casi todo el primer mundo. ¡Cual fue nuestra sorpresa cuando el jurado nominó al juego en cuatro categorías! Finalmente, además de la nominación a Mejor JugabilidadMejor Idea Original y Mejor Grafismo, el juego consiguió el premio a Mejor Videojuego Vasco 2011. Esta mención fue muy positiva para nosotros, porque nos permitió abrirnos las puertas a nivel local para presentar proyectos de advergaming, y además, la dotación económica nos permite costear el desarrollo del producto final. Además, el público asistente de GameFest estuvo jugando al juego los cuatro días de la feria, y el feedback fue tremendamente positivo, así que estamos con ganas de poder lanzarlo ya cuanto antes.

¿Qué fue antes, la versión MSX o la de móviles? ¿Por qué el salto a los móviles?

Aunque la versión MSX vendrá después, realmente Ba-Boon! se concibió inicialmente como un juego para MSX, aunque la versión actual es mucho más completa y diferente a la originalmente planteada: por ejemplo, en la versión incial no se planteaba scroll vertical, sino acción pantalla a pantalla. Tampoco teníamos diferentes bombas con diferentes efectos, y el objetivo del juego también era distinto. En cuanto al salto a los móviles, era algo que teníamos claro a nivel estratégico en Relevo Videogames, y Ba-Boon! era el juego ideal para trasladarlo a ese tipo de dispositivos, así que partimos de el concepto inicial y fuimos adaptándolo hasta el juego que es ahora. Con Ba-Boon! esperamos poder lanzar un producto sólido y maduro, que nos haga posicionarnos dentro del mar de producciones para smartphones. ¡Os divertirá, seguro!

Ba-Boon! (Android)

Ba-Boon! (Android)

Ahora que nadie nos lee, así, en confianza, ¿puedes hablarnos un poco de alguno de vuestros nuevos proyectos?

El más inmediato llegará antes de fin de este año 2011 para iPhone, y tendrá como protagonista a alguien muy conocido por todos los seguidores de Relevo Videogames, así como Ba-Boon!, que estará listo para principios de 2012. En cuanto a nuestros desarrollos 8 bits, queremos publicar Hyper Soldier Angel en breve, así como Los Templos de Fuego, segunda parte de La Corona Encantada, que lanzaremos en la feria RetroMadrid 2012. En cuanto a proyectos de advergaming, tenemos cerrado otro producto de 8 bits cara al año que viene, así como proyectos de juegos para FacebookmobilePC… sin contar con que, en breve, estrenaremos nueva web. ¡Vamos, que tenemos mucha leña que cortar!

¿Habéis considerado la posibilidad de dar el salto a otras plataformas, como Windows, Mac OS o las consolas? ¿Qué dificultades crees que os plantearía trabajar con ellas? ¿Qué ventajas?

Ya tenemos planteadas algunas producciones para PC/Windows o MacOS en forma de juegos educativos, así como para producciones de advergames, que ya tenemos en marcha. También tenemos la espinita clavada del Amstrad CPC en cuanto a desarrollos 8 bits, así que algo tendremos que hacer al respecto ;-). En cuanto a las consolas, de momento es algo más complicado, dados los costes, licencias, kits de desarrollo y los procesos de producción necesarios: ahora mismo, con menos de un año de vida en el terreno profesional, preferimos tratar de asentar unas buenas bases distribuyendo nuestros juegos de forma independiente sobre plataformas que no requieran una gran inversión. El dia de mañana, ya se verá.

Ahora en los medios se habla mucho del sector de los videojuegos en España, de impulsar la producción propia… ¿Hacia dónde crées que va el sector en este país, qué crees que tenemos ya y qué crées que necesitamos?

Si duda, la sensación es que a día de hoy el sector en España ha experimentado un cambio y que ha habido un aumento cualitativo y cuantitativo en cuanto a producciones. Gracias a las tiendas de descarga para las diferentes plataformas, los pequeños estudios pueden despuntar sin tener que realizar grandes inversiones: tal vez ese crecimiento sea algo más global, lo que ocurre es que a veces nos percatamos más de lo que tenemos cerca. Por otro lado, los grandes desarrollos para consolas potentes y para empresas internacionales que se están dando en el país demuestran que hay también estudios muy potentes que son capaces de afrontar cualquier tipo de proyecto que se puedan plantear.

Quienes hablan de una nueva edad de oro de los videojuegos en España (2), ¿son realistas o pecan de triunfalistas?

La industria del videojuego a nivel internacional no entiende de crisis y además cada vez consigue más reconocimientos y ayudas, con lo que efectivamente tiene más impulso: no te digo nada si a eso le unes el talento de los jóvenes creadores, que ahora tienen muchas más posibilidades de publicar sus juegos. Lo que ocurre es que para hablar de “edad de oro en España”, habría que analizar si este avance que estamos experimentando no ocurre también en muchos otros países, y que es efectivamente algo propio del tejido nacional del sector. Lo que no cabe duda es que, con edad de oro o no, se están haciendo cosas muy buenas y cada vez se oye más hablar de las desarrolladoras españolas. ¡Ahora toca estar al día, seguir trabajando, y no dormirnos!

Y hasta aquí llegamos. Jon es una de esas personas con las que me pasaría horas enteras hablando, y no es ninguna exageración, pero desgraciadamente el espacio y el tiempo aquí son limitados. Muy pronto, no obstante, volveremos a tener noticias del equipo de Relevo y de sus juegos, y desde Gamikia les deseamos una larga y muy fructífera trayectoria profesional.