Rocket League Season 3 is currently in full swing, and two patches have been released to date, both of which introduce new content while also fixing bugs and glitches in the game. The issue is that many players are still encountering the Private Match Did Not Work and Processing Trade error messages. What can we do to address these issues?

As a thank you to all of you wonderful EarlyGamers, we’ve written this article to answer two important Rocket League questions. Both the Processing Trade error and the Private Match Not Working fault need to be fixed in Rocket League Season 3.

How to Resolve the Problem with Private Matches in Rocket League
Disclaimer: None of these fixes are foolproof; they are simply pointers and tricks to get things back up and running quickly and efficiently. We wish you the best of luck! Keep in mind that if you are experiencing persistent issues with Rocket League, you can contact Psyonix directly to report the issue. More information can be found in the section below.

  • Try deleting the match and re-entering the game
  • Many players have discovered that if you just keep repeating this process long enough, it will eventually bear fruit
  • Create a Private Match with the same name as the public match
  • This may result in you being dropped into another game, but it will not cause Rocket League to crash completely
  • Psyonix will provide a fix as soon as possible
  • This is inconvenient, but for many people, it may be the only option

Actually, Psyonix has responded to the problem, claiming on Reddit that they are working on a solution. Due to the complexity of the situation, it may take some time. But rl rocket league prices has been made clear that this is a Psyonix-related issue, and that any fixes will only be temporary until the problem is resolved.

  • Instructions on how to resolve the processing trade error in Rocket League
  • Start a trade in so that you receive the Processing Trade Error message
  • Take a long, deep breath and return to the main menu
  • Return to the vehicle screen on your computer
  • Change the vehicle to any other vehicle
  • Return to the trade-in section

If you had already begun the trade, it should have been completed by the time you returned to the screen.

The Rocket League Processing Trade Error has the drawback of being challenging to identify. This is not a long-term fix, to reiterate. Psyonix has been dispatched to the scene, as was expected. For the time being, however, the above strategy is beneficial to the vast majority of players. If you’re looking for a quick video Rocket League item trade guide, check out the video below from Wayne’s Up Next, which can be found on YouTube.

Now you know what I’m talking about. Hopefully, this quick-guide will assist you in resolving the Private Match Not Working and the Processing Trade errors in Rocket League at the same time. Season 3 is now available, and while it is a colossal disappointment, it is still Rocket League: fun. Let’s keep the good times rolling, folks, let’s get your game fixed, and let’s get this party started!