When I was leveling up, the first monster I killed was an Orc. It’s one of the most popular monsters in POE, and it’s also one of the most difficult to kill. Later on as I continued playing POE and got more experienced at clearing quests and dungeons, I found out that every time I killed an Orc in a dungeon or zone, there were always some good items waiting for me near where he died. Then after completing multiple instances of this kind of monster-killing game over many years (and without any help from other players), I started collecting all kinds of rare items—even though sometimes it wasn’t easy!

As is well known, there are a lot of mobs in the POE.

The various kinds of monsters, some of which are weirdly shaped, are also vividly portrayed by all kinds of abilities, and they sometimes appear every minute. On various maps of the same level, although they have different shapes and attributes, they often have similar skills and attack effects. However, I have to admit that even though I’ve been playing POE for more than four years, sometimes the monsters will still give me a fresh feeling.

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PoE Currency Items

PoE Curreny Items he will engage in combat with the horde. After giving it some thought, I’ve determined that this is the best course of action. This hope was the impetus behind my determination to get as far away from it as I could in the shortest amount of time


It’s a shame that I didn’t find anything good, but at least I was able to complete this monster cull job. (laugh) So, I want to make sure that you understand it’s not about finding the best items or bosses as much as it is about having fun with the game!