During your time spent adventuring in the trippy Phantom Palace dungeon of Lost Ark, make it a point to gather up all of the Mokoko Seeds. If you keep doing what you’ve been doing, you’ll make more headway in a shorter amount of time.

Phantom Palace is a dungeon that players really need to explore since it is one of the most peculiar and peculiar dungeons in Lost Ark. You will continue to be attacked by the chess pieces even as you move across the floor. There are challenges in the form of puzzles, and overcoming the most challenging bosses is a must. The whole thing has a whimsical quality to it, like something out of Alice in Wonderland.

In addition to this, there is a total of seven Mokoko Seeds that have to be found. Because there are only six of them, you can only find one of them in a path that seems like it leads to a hidden location but is really rather visible. On the other hand, if you desire to have all seven, the seventh and last one may test your patience to its absolute limit. The longer you read, the more horrific details you’ll discover about the situation.

Read the article on “Important Considerations Regarding the Sixth Mokoko Seed” to get things rolling.

After you have defeated the Queen miniboss, the only way to receive Mokoko Seed number six is if you have a combination of two different buffs currently active on you at the same moment. If the game’s difficulty is set to “Hard,” and you are currently fighting the Rook and Queen monsters, then you will only be able to access these benefits if the game’s difficulty is set to “Hard.” This is the only circumstance in which you will be able to get these perks. There are clocks that can show you how long it will take you to raise them, but they move at a rate that is comparable to that of a snail.

You have an equal chance of finding this buff on the ground at one of many different locations on the platform where you face Rook. This spot might be located anywhere on the rim of the platform; it’s up for speculation. You are required to use it within the first minute of fight, regardless of whether or not it seems to still be there after the first minute has passed. This is the case even if it looks to have been left behind. It is tough to identify exactly where the bonus is positioned at the beginning of the encounter due to the fact that Rook strikes so often towards the beginning of the fight. You can only get the boost if you keep your attention on the work at hand and do not allow yourself to get distracted by his onslaught. Discovering and activating the buff in time to prevent Rook from destroying it will likely need you to either distract, freeze, or slow down Rook in order to achieve this goal. We found that the most successful technique to divert its attention was to make use of a scarecrow.

During the battle with the Queen, mirrors will begin to appear on the walls of the arena. You are allowed to utilize these mirrors to freely walk the arena without fear of being struck by the purple wave attacks that the Queen will unleash. Whenever she casts a spell, it seems as if she is standing in the midst of a circle of violet light that is centered in the room. It is necessary for players to first activate a smaller circle that is contained inside the bigger one in order to get access to the bonus item known as the Whisper of Phantoms. The player may now move into the larger circle that has been unlocked for them. You must instantly click the icon after taking damage from a wave in order to reset the timer for the delayed item pickup procedure. This is for the best of your interests. However, in order to acquire this perk, you will have to take a considerable amount of damage first. This is a must in order to get access to it.

Taking your time with this procedure is very recommended so that you do not end up losing any time. If you choose to exit the dungeon before completing it, you will not get any of the awards. As a result of the fact that you need both buffs in order to get access to the sixth seed during this run of the dungeon, you are required to collect both of them simultaneously. If you don’t do this, you won’t be able to acquire the seed that you want. We’ve compiled a list of all the buffs you’ll need in order to access that location after you’ve earned them, just for your convenience.

It’s the Palace Garden is another name for the seed of the Mokoko, which is also simply called the Palace Garden.

After entering the garden, you should immediately turn to the north-northwest and continue walking in that direction. Once you have completed the third set of jumps, continuing to kill the gargoyles that surround the statue while it rotates will lead the route to tilt to the right. When you first arrive on this section, you will find your first Mokoko just beyond a shattered rock to the right of where you are standing.

After completing the last set of jumps, go through the Phantom Palace to the north until you reach the Chess Chamber. This room has Mokoko Seeds 2 and 3, and here is where you will locate them. Take the branch to the north-northwest that is located on the left side of the main corridor as you approach closer. If you choose to utilize this, lost ark gold will be useful in the game, you will be sent down a hallway. After you have vanquished all of the enemies in that region, the second Mokoko Seed will be sitting next to the huge chess pieces waiting for you to claim it. It shouldn’t be too hard to figure out what’s going on.

You will need to make your way back to the split in the road and choose the route that heads north. Due to the fact that they pose the greatest threat, the guards stationed in that region should be your first focus. You’ll locate the entrance to the doorway in front of the curtained-off chamber, which is tucked away in a corner to the southeast of the room. When you get to the finish of the mission, you’ll find a terrified gargoyle and a plinth lit up with a blood-red light waiting for you there. A second Mokoko may be seen pressed up against the railing to the southwest, where it is partly hidden by the red foliage, cheap lost ark gold can buy online.

Formerly known by its previous name, Mokoko Seed Four, Phantom Castle Wall.

In order to go further, you need to figure out how to solve the first chess issue first. Once you have reached the top of the steps, go cautiously along the first walkway, keeping an eye out for any potential dangers. When you approach the end of the walkway, even though you will be going north on your mini-map, the road will suddenly make a sharp turn and take you through a second portcullis. You can see the beginning of numerous damaged stairs straight beyond the twisted and dying tree that is on your right as you go forward. At the very top of those stairs is where you’ll find the fourth seed you’ve been seeking for.

A well-known alias for Mokoko Seed Five is “The Mirror Room,” which is also one of their nicknames.

Return to the chessboard after you have defeated the Knight in the Phantom Arena so that you may take on the next challenge it poses. You are free to utilize the portal in the north-eastern corner of the room to go back to Earth as soon as you have completed the third chess issue. You have found yourself in the Mirror Room once again, although this time things are different. After descending the stairway, go to the left side of the room to find the mirrors that are located in the basement. To enter the secret area, you will need to activate the switch that is located on the mirror that is located to the right of the two doors. Within the Phantom Palace, next to one of the numerous windows that decorate the palace, one might discover the fifth Mokoko Seed.

The name “the Phantom” may be used to refer to a few different figures, the most notable of whom is the Bishop, Mokoko Seed Number Six, and the Phantom Leader.

It is very necessary to carry out this activity in accordance with the instructions that were provided at the beginning of this meeting in order to achieve success. You will discover a chess board with an open doorway at the top of a flight of steps to the north of where you are now standing. Using this portal, you will be able to go to a different part of the map. At the bottom of the stairs on each side is a square-shaped stone plinth. These plinths may be seen at the foot of the steps.

You shouldn’t level up just yet, even if you have both perks available to you. As you go closer to these plinths, icons start to appear on the ceiling above them. After you have completed each one of these tasks, a new one will become available to you, and one of the requirements for it is that you must first finish another chess puzzle. After you have finished it, go to the stairs to the left of the chess board and continue climbing them until you have the upper hand over the Bishop. After you have vanquished the foe, exit the map and go via the wall that you entered through before in order to reach the secret spot on the eastern side of the area. This area may be found if you go off the beaten route a little bit. You will find the elusive sixth seed inside of this container, which is why it was brought to your attention.

Mokoko Seed Seven was originally known by its working title, “Beneath the Tree.”

Following that, go through the last portal, which will lead you to the north, into the Kings Audience Chamber, and then eventually into the heart of the palace. After the Phantom Legion, Commander Brelshaza has been vanquished at the northeastern most corner of Azena, a set of stairs leading up to a platform in the region’s center will become accessible. You’ll find Commander Brelshaza there if you look. Under the tree’s leaves, to the north of the trunk, is where you will find the third and final Mokoko Seed that belongs to the Phantom Palace.