Haven’t we all been in tight money spots? Money problems surely leave a dent on the pocket but the lower self-esteem, in many cases, is an even bigger concern. In times of crisis, we all look for easy ways to get cash and regulate our monthly expenses. However, the advice we get is easier said than done.

If you are currently on the lookout for ways to enjoy some cash flow even with no job or other investments, this post can highly benefit you. Read on!

1. Sell your furniture

Do you have a sofa-set, a couch or a study table which isn’t adding much value to your life? Well, then waste no more time and prepare to make a good sale out of it. The market for furniture is enormous, where customers are willing to pay a fair price even for used pieces. Price it reasonably and make good cash with minimal hassles.

2. Sell your old car

An old car sitting in your garage can help you out in this crucial time. If it is in good driving condition, then sell it to a friend or a dealership. However, if it’s the opposite, then sell it to a reliable team of car wreckers in North Shore. You can also make extra money if the auto parts can be refurbished and used for other vehicles.

3. Pawn your valuables

Vintage heirlooms are always in demand. That being said, if you own a few such centrepieces or ornaments which are of no emotional value to you, then pawn them for some hard cash. Any pawn shop will be happy to make this deal, considering that the item adds any value to them.

A pro tip- Do a little background research on the value of the object to get an estimate of its current market value for higher profit-making.

4. Reselling items

Many people across the world are solely focusing their efforts on this task and are making great money every month. The profit margin for this business is quite high so use it to your advantage. All you need to do is purchase items on eBay or Etsy, refurbish them as a whole new product, and resell them. Be creative and unique in your approach and never spend more than 75% of the item’s original price on it’s rehabbing.

5. Baby and elderly sitting

Do you have a strong affinity towards toddlers or older people? If yes, then convert your emotions into a money-making machine by turning it into a profession. Offer your assistance at a reasonable price and make good money to sail through this storm. You can also take up pet sitting if you are comfortable with it.

If you are a creative head, then you can use your preferred form of art to help others while making money with all the tutoring. There is always a way out of a situation. All it needs is a positive outlook and a desire to make it through. Good luck!