The roadworks barrier is a common site across all Aussie roads and highways. This is because Australia is a nation of industry. But not only are we always building – we ensure that we are always building safely. You will be well aware that it is impossible to conduct work in Australia without following myriad safety procedures and when it comes to road safety these barriers are one of them!

There are numerous reasons why you will always see them on Aussie roads and here are a few of them:

They help redirect traffic

Aussie roads can be tricky to navigate at the best of times. Whether it’s a congested city street or a long and windy highway, drivers can easily become confused and this can be incredibly dangerous when works are taking place. This is just one of the key reasons why top quality roadworks barriers are an essential part of our national construction aesthetic.

The moment a driver sees these essentials they know that works are taking place and that they must take extra precautions to avoid an accident. This is why they are always painted in bright colours as they ensure that drivers can see them at day and night. This easily makes them one of the safest components for redirecting traffic when works are taking place!

They provide minimal damage to vehicles

Naturally, no one wants to hit any form of roadside protection. But, in the unfortunate event of it happening, it is likely safer to hit plastic water-filled models. Why? Because they are much softer on cars whilst providing the same controlling force of their concrete counterparts.

Sure, this is always going to be one of the most unwanted things to happen on the road, but plastic water-filled designs are made to minimise impact on vehicles in the unfortunate event of an accident and this is another reason why they are often found on Aussie roads.

They protect construction workers

Whilst they are designed to minimise the damage done to vehicles in the event of an accident, they are also designed to provide ultimate protection to construction workers, too. After all, it’s the workers who find themselves out on the road and in potentially dangerous situations. Therefore, these barriers exist to inform motorists that there are construction workers present and in a potentially-dangerous situation.

They are lightweight & convenient

Unlike their concrete counterpart, the plastic design remains light until the moment it is filled with water. This makes them one of the most convenient innovations in global road safety, especially as it is easy for construction companies to transport the barriers before filling them with water on site. Now, can you just imagine the opposite? Trying to lug around concrete designs is just a near-impossibility and this is why they exist for more-permanent protection.

They are just safer for everyone

And Australia is a country that takes construction and road safety very seriously. Unfortunately, our roads are some of the most unsafe in the western world, owing largely to the long distances travelled between our towns. Therefore, it is imperative that we have optimal safety components in place to ensure that our motorists and workers are mutually safe when operating in a high-risk area.

This is why these essential safety elements can be found on the roads and highways across the country and will continue to provide ultimate safety for drivers and workers alike!