As folks grow older, the ability to drive independently is one of the most difficult to give up. But the need for reliable transportation doesn’t go away. Is your business providing transportation for aging seniors? If so, here’s what you need to know.

The Basics Are Just the Beginning

Seniors are a vulnerable population and they deserve your best care. Many of the people you serve are seriously ill or struggle with significant physical limitations. They need extra help and assistance as well as a healthy dose of kindness.

Safe and responsible drivers are the minimum requirement in this business. The folks you employ to drive seniors need to be screened thoroughly and carefully. The legal screening requirements for your business may be minimal, especially if you’re a small operation, but that doesn’t let you off the hook. Screen all your drivers as scrupulously as if you were hiring them to drive your own grandmother. Online motor vehicle reports are good, but professional screening services are better.

Continuous Monitoring

A pre-employment motor vehicle report is a good baseline for new hires, but what if something changes? You can’t rely on your crew to self-report changes in their driving record, but you can rely on continuous motor vehicle report monitoring to alert you if there’s a problem. With continuous monitoring in place, you’ll know right away if one of your drivers has an at-fault accident or a DUI conviction while not on the job.

Professional Services

Engaging an accredited screening partner to conduct your background checks, including motor vehicle reports, ensure you get the most accurate and reliable information on all your drivers. While the internet might make you feel like you can run a quick DIY screen on new hires, this simply isn’t true. Going on your own is risky; it’s far too easy to get wrong or incomplete information when doing a google search. The DIY approach also leaves you vulnerable to legal complications if you don’t conduct your searches in compliance with relevant laws and regulations. A professional partner gets you the info you need and keeps you on the right side of the law.


A solid background check policy that includes continuous monitoring will differentiate your business from the competition. Establish your screening policy and then use it to promote the safety and responsibility of your transportation business. Adding a web page to your site dedicated to your hiring and screening policies lets current and potential clients know you take safety seriously.

The Bottom Line

Today’s the day to improve your screening services. Your customers deserve the best.