Children get most excited when you take them out for a drive. They radiate sheer happiness through their wide smiles and glinty eyes whenever you offer them to take out on a ride. They look up to elders and also want to drive. They impatiently wait for the day when they would drive on their own. Among the grown-ups owning a car or a bike is a matter of pride. With the children, it is no different, although there is more innocence than pride in children. Well, whatever might be the case as a parent, you would ensure that you choose the very best and nothing else for your little one. So here, we will be discussing how to choose the right ATV for your child.

Before you get skeptical and get concerned about the safety features of the ATV, let us give you a quick walkthrough of the basic framework and the workings of an ATV.

What exactly is an All Terrain Vehicle?

ATV stands for all-terrain vehicles. These all-terrain vehicles are mostly used for not busy roads and rails. The motor-operated vehicles can either be electricity fueled or gas-fueled. These vehicles have a very robust framework to sustain wear and tear that any vehicle would particularly face on off-road tracks.

Most of the parents get the wrong perception of these vehicles due to this rough framework, but there is nothing to be worried about. ATV’s also have a lot of comfort and safety features for the rider. So you do not need to worry about the safety of your child riding ATV.

In addition to those features, there are rules and regulations of different provinces and states in Canada that require the rider to be of a certain minimum age. In most of the provinces, children below eight years should not  be permitted to ride an ATV above 70cc. Therefore, before deciding the ATV for your little one, check with the regional protocols  and the rules.

Safety measures while riding an ATV

Some of the safety guidelines for riding an ATV is mentioned below:

  • Safety Certification Programme

Prior to buying your child an ATV, make them go through a certification programme for ensuring their safety. This will prepare them well for their ATV ride, and they will also understand the importance of safety gear. Additionally, the children would know better how to ride an All Terrain Vehicle .

  • Safety gears

Ensure that the  kid wears safety gear all the time. Safety gears like helmets, knee pads, and elbow pads ensure a safe ride for your children, and you can let them enjoy without worrying about their safety.

  • Follow guidelines

You must make it a point to teach your child the significance of the rules. Avoids the roads where ATVs are not allowed at all costs.

  • Say no to three-wheel ATVs

Never permit your kid to ride a three-wheeled ATV. It is because three-wheeled ATVs are very much prone to toppling over on the roads. These ATVs have a low center of mass and do not handle corners and maneuvers quite well. As kids are not that much adapted to handling the corners so they must not be handed three-wheeled ATVs.

Tips to pick the suitable ATV for your child

Now that we have known the safety measures while riding an ATV, we should discuss the key factors that you should consider while buying an ATV for your kid are.

  1. Engine specifications of the ATV- check for the engine specs of the ATV you are going to buy for your kid. Also, make sure that the engine specs of the ATV align with local laws and rules of your area. For children, an ATV with an engine having low power is the best option. Some ATVs also come with the additional option of stopping the vehicle if the ATV goes off a rail.
  2. Age of your child- when buying the ATV, make sure that the ATV is suitable for your child’s age. Also, the weight of your child must be able to handle the vehicle’s capacity. A disproportionate ATV for your child could lead to an accident . Every ATV model comes with recommendations. Do not ignore that recommendation and buy the ATV that suits the age range of your child.
  3. Safety measures of the ATV- nowadays, most ATVs come with heightened safety characteristics. Look out for such features when you are going to buy ATV. Along with those features, make sure that you check the quality of the tires and suspension of the ATV. You must also check the brakes, whether they are automatic or not.

Do a thorough inspection of the ATV you are going to buy for your kid and make sure you check the reviews and ratings on the net too.