Living in a remote location can be peaceful, quiet, and relaxing. However, it does come with some difficulties, such as having to drive for hours to find a simple grocery store. One common obstacle that those living remotely face is finding a way to get power to their isolated home. If you’re planning to live in a remote location, you should seriously consider opting for off-grid solar power. Keep reading to find out why.

No Continuing Power Costs

While installing solar power has a high upfront cost, there are virtually no ongoing costs to receive power from your system. Your panels will continuously produce electricity every time the sun is shining on your home. While you may eventually need to replace some equipment, most parts of a solar power system will last for ten years or more, with panels lasting more than 20. Compared to a monthly electricity bill from a utility company or constantly paying for diesel fuel to power a generator, replacing some solar batteries in a decade is a low price to pay.

Avoid Outrageous Connection Charges

For some remote homes, connecting to a city power grid is not an option at all. For others, you may be able to request a connection to the grid. However, that connection usually comes with an outrageous hookup charge since the utility company will often have to run a lot of additional lines to get power out to your house. If you’re going to be paying huge fees just to get your house connected to grid power, which you will then continuously pay for every month, you might as well put the cost of that fee towards a solar power system instead.

No Regular Maintenance

While there are other renewable energy sources out there, they all require more maintenance than a solar power system. Your solar panels don’t require anything more than occasionally spraying them off to ensure dirt and grime aren’t blocking the sun’s rays; however, you typically don’t have to do this more than once a year. The one part of your solar power system that may require some regular maintenance is your solar battery bank. However, there are many types of solar batteries available that have very low maintenance requirements. So, if you buy the right batteries, you can get renewable, clean energy for a decade or more without any regular maintenance requirements or upkeep costs.

Ultimately, opting for a Schneider off-grid solar power system is the best choice for anyone who needs to get electricity to a home in a remote location.