Are you looking for a good conditioned pre-owned car to buy for a good price? Do you think you can pull it off single-handedly? Here is a small guide to easily get you through in this tough task. Read on for an insight into a bunch of items that you should check before buying a second-hand car.

  1. You Don’t Have To Be An Expert

Many people get easily tricked into buying cars which are much damaged than we think in the first place. When we are going for a second-hand car, keep your expectations low because they are mostly in the market because it has issues. The seriousness of it can start from a dull paint job too much more serious ones. If you are informed enough, you can never be tricked. So the first step is to gather all the information you can think about cars and their maintenance. This simple step can help you out in the long run.

  1. Electric Components

Start with the air conditioner. Check how much time it takes to cool the entire car. Ensure that there is no starting issue, or anything related to the cooling is not right. This check is very important because once you buy without checking this, you are going to get into more trouble, which will end up emptying your pocket.

  1. Battery

One way to know that the car wasn’t maintained properly by the owner is by checking the wear and tear on the battery. This indication means you should make sure you ask the owner to show you papers on the vehicle’s service. Verify them before going ahead with the rest of your inspection.

  1. Verify for Leaks

Park the car on a clean surface after basic checks and leave it there for about 30 minutes. Come back and check for any leaks on the surface, which indicate the car needs to be repaired for leaks.

  1. Engine

Coming to the main part, car parts in Christchurch and several other services suggest to ensure that the engine doesn’t make any knocking or sputtering noise when switched on or on any gear change. Try driving over a slope or off-road and verify this again.

  1. Brakes

Brake pad needs checking for wear and tear. If this is eroding, you might need new ones immediately. Therefore, take the car on a spin and check the brakes thoroughly.

  1. Tire

The tires being in good condition is the best thing for a second-hand product. It means either the car isn’t used much often or they just got new ones because they weren’t planning on selling. This information can be of great relief as it checks out much of your other doubts about the vehicle’s overuse. The wheel alignment is also another important factor.

  1. Paint, documentations, and steering

You can also negotiate a poor or dull paint job,  scratches on the body of the car, etc. Ensure that the steering is not vibrating. This vibration can mean we have trouble in the front-end.  Also, check the odometer for readings. This content will give an overall idea of what needs doing about the car you are looking at.