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Travel communities are a great way to traverse and learn more about the world. Maybe your friends cannot find the time due to their busy schedules to go on a tour. Perhaps you want to go on a journey and at a loss regarding a destination. A travel community is a great way to find like-minded individuals who share a zeal for traveling and knowing more about the world, like you. Handy has compiled a list of such go-to travel communities that are active and supportive of such adventurers. They are listed below:

The Communities

  1. r/travel/- The subreddit is a traveler’s heaven. If you want to know more about a place that you are visiting sometime soon, this subreddit is the place to learn more about it. Online communities are very strict with moderation, and the subreddit implements them quite nicely.

Meet new people, ask questions, discover the world as it discovers your presence.

  1. Visiting and Travelling- Visiting and traveling is a Quora community. Is there a better place to ask a question?

Satiate your thirst for knowledge and get all your travel-related questions answered by veteran adventurers. It’s especially beneficial if you are a travel blogger. You can share some of your experiences with the lovely people here, providing an insight into such places, so that when the time comes, they will be prepared to face any obstacles.

  1. The Budget Minded-Traveler Community-. Do you dream of traveling to exotic regions of the globe but cannot afford it? Believe it or not, there are favorable and beautiful travel destinations within your region, and all you have to do is look. Usually, in such cases, it is better to go on your own than to have a travel guide.

You get to plan your own travel route and have the freedom to go wherever you like. However, it can be challenging to plan a course without an in-depth knowledge of the region, especially when you’re on a tight budget. This Facebook community is a great place to discuss budget-friendly travel plans. You get to enjoy nature without having to forgo your rent. Win-Win!.

  1. Girls Love Travel- This Facebook page is dedicated solely to girls. The people are very supportive, especially if you’re someone who loves traveling. Be warned though as there will be hints and traces of gossip and drama. After all, it’s a girl’s group, what do you expect?
  1. Digital Nomad Forum- The Digital Nomad Forum is a website dedicated to travelers, and the $75 membership fee is totally worth it. In public forums, there are all sorts of people pooling and sharing knowledge.

The great variety of information makes it difficult to trust because you have no idea if they know what they are talking about.

The membership at least ensures that the people you are talking to are verified, travelers. It’s an excellent place for both veterans and beginners and provides loads of helpful advice and information for your future travels.


Travel changes a person. The experience you gather throughout the trips, can be life-changing and set on a course to success and happiness. The importance of proper guidance is necessary, and the list by Handy should be a great way to get involved in some of the most popular travel communities in the whole world.