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There are countless people in the world who become the victim of bad delivery service every day. In fact, it can be one of the most irritating things to deal with especially if you are waiting for food delivery or a coveted item. A bad delivery service can leave a negative impression on your mind and you can start questioning whether choosing a delivery service is a good idea at all. In this article, Matthew Davies shares some tips with you on how to avoid a bad delivery service.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Weather conditions – The most important reason for a bad delivery service is the weather conditions. In case of rain and storm, try not to schedule a delivery as the delivery guy has to travel on the same road that you are trying to avoid given the extreme weather conditions. There might be an uprooted tree, huge puddles, or massive traffic jams that may affect the timely service. There are also chances that the condition of your parcel might be affected.

  1. Bad customer service – It is very important to see how convenient you feel while navigating through their website, app, or calling their customer service. The ones who put you on hold for a long time and make you listen to the waiting music are difficult to deal with when it comes to refunds. These are the ones to avoid. Go for a delivery service that is customer-friendly and is ready to fulfill your requirements regarding time and payment.

  1. Overload – When you are ordering something online take into consideration the timing of the delivery. If you are ordering something during a festival season like Christmas or Thanksgiving, it is best to order a couple of weeks ago. As the days inch closer, the delivery service is loaded with many fulfillment requirements and your product might either get delayed or be delivered at odd hours. There are also chances that due to heavy overload your product might get swapped with someone else. You definitely don’t want to be empty-handed on the most important day.

  1. Go for the reputed ones – These are the days of startups and you see a company coming up every now and then. When you decide to spend your money at any online service you are looking for the best returns. The companies who have been into the foray for a while are the best bet as they will give you exactly the same thing as promised.

They have a systemized delivery system with delivery personnel working round the clock on a rooster system. Such companies are very easy when it comes to refund or cancellation of order as they do not want to invite unnecessary negative customer feedback.

  1. Timing of the order – This is especially when you are ordering food online. When you need something for dinner avoid ordering it exactly at dinnertime. Order almost an hour or thirty minutes earlier. As orders surge up during mealtime, delivery guys at times wait for a few orders of the same route to get ready together. In such cases, your food might have waited for long after being cooked. So, to get fresh food, order a little before mealtime.


According to Matthew Davies, you should monitor the delivery progress of an item and call the delivery personnel when you get to know their number to ensure a smooth and fast delivery. And, if you suspect anything wrong, be sure to contact the customer service to avoid any hassles in the future.