Flooring inevitably sets the foundation of your house, and that’s why they are an essential part of the space where you live. Defined as the boards or other material of which a floor is made, Flooring sort-of brings the room to you. Every Solid Wood Flooring Company is very aware of this factor.Whether it is your living room or bedroom, the flooring is the first thing that anyone will notice while entering your house.

Well, there are many different options for flooring in the modern era such as those available at https://www.junckershardwood.com/wood-flooring but the one choice that stands out from the crowd and completes the overall look of your house is wood flooring.

Wood flooring might be one of the oldest types of flooring as it is being used for more than 100 years, but still, the touch, feel and comfort provided by wood flooring from Junckers can’t be matched with anything else. But installing wood flooring in your house is not enough as you will also need to maintain it properly.

With proper maintenance, you will be able to increase the lifespan and preserve the new look for a very long period of time. Although wood flooring doesn’t require intensive care but still, you need to take care of it. This is why we will go through the maintenance guide for wood flooring in this blog post.

Keeping the wood flooring clean

If you want to enjoy the touch and feel of your wood flooring for a very long time, then the simple rule that you will have to follow is to keep your wood flooring clean.

You will need to act on spills immediately; otherwise, it will hamper the smoothness and shine of your wood flooring.

Just use a damp cloth to wipe out any spills and stay away from using any steam mop as, according to the experts, it will further damage the quality of your wood flooring.

In addition to this, you will also need to ban wet shoes in your house completely.

Sweeping or dusting our wood floor on a daily basis might sound excessive, but it is a recommendation by flooring experts, and that’s why you can’t ignore it.

Even if you don’t allow shoes in your house, dust can accumulate on the floor, and if it stays there for a long period of time, then it will surely hamper the quality of your wood flooring. You can either use a broom or vacuum or wood flooring on a daily basis and you can easily get them at bestvacuumcleaners.org.

Polishing the wood flooring

The finish of the wood is what people love the most about wood flooring. But one bitter fact regarding wood flooring is the finish of the wood starts diminishing with time because of use.

Well, even if you will buy the best wood flooring, you will start noticing a decrease in the shine and finish after a couple of years. But you don’t need to worry about it as polishing the floor will recover its lost finish and make your floor look completely new again.

You should know that polishing the wood flooring refreshes and renews the finish of the wood floor, and that’s why you should never overlook it.

If you really care about your wood flooring, then you will need to get it polished by professionals twice every year. This will even out the protective layer of the floor, and it will also help you in filling the microscopic scratches that might start making your floor look dull if not addressed for a long period of time.

 Always go for buffing instead of preferring acrylic waxes. If you use wax, then it will make your floor look dull and slippery as well.

Regular maintenance for wood flooring

Since wood floorings are completely different from other types of flooring, you need to avoid some of the things that you are used to doing on regular floors.

One of those things is sliding things on the floor. If you are planning to shift your sofa or decide on whether to move your big dining table, then instead of sliding these pieces of furniture on the wood flooring, you should lift them up with the help of other people and then shift it. This will keep your wooden flooring from Junckers scratch-free.

You can also use furniture pads on the legs of your sofa, table, and chairs in order to avoid getting any scratches on your wooden floor.

You will also need to sand and refinish your wooden floor every five years in order to get rid of the old protective finish. This will help you in repairing the damage, and you will be able to recover the original look of your floor.

With proper maintenance and care, your wood flooring can last for more than 100 years. Just regular pick one the best vacuum for cleaning, and polishing are what your wood flooring needs. Choose the right company for wood flooring installation and give the flooring that your house deserves.