Bongs are water pipes that have been used for smoking marijuana for a long time. They come in various shapes and sizes. All bongs function the same way: you smoke from the mouthpiece, and the smoke is drawn up into the water chamber and then inhaled. Because bongs are often shared between people, it’s essential to ensure they’re kept clean.

There are a few ways to clean a bong using different items. Bong cleaner products include pipe cleaners, pipe screens, gel solutions, silicone cleaning caps, cotton tip cleaners, Thai incense sticks, odor eliminator spray, etc.

Below is a complete guide on cleaning your bongs effectively, saving you time and money.

How Can You Clean Bongs?

One of the most challenging parts about smoking bongs is cleaning them, especially when you have a lot of resin. Cleaning out the water and anything else left in the bong after your session is essential, so you don’t retain a sickly-sweet taste in your mouth or get sick. Additionally, if you want to keep your glassware looking as good as new, cleaning them regularly is essential.

What You’ll Need?

1) Bong/Pipe Cleaner

2) A Brush for inside water pipes (optional)

3) A Soft Bristle Brush for marijuana pipes or glassware (optional)

4) Bong cleaner, Q-tips, and cotton balls (for hard-to-get places).​

5) A small bowl or a screwdriver

6) Distilled Water

7) Hot water

8) A toothbrush

9) Soft Sponges (optional)

What Is The Process of Cleaning The Bongs?

When selecting what materials are suitable for your cleaning routine, a few options depend mainly on your personal preferences and economic resources. The best materials to use are paper towels and cleaners to get you started. Paper towels are cheap and can wipe off the gross resin without damaging your bong. Cleaners will thoroughly clean the inside of your glass and remove any leftover residue from your bong. You can also use a gel-based cleaner for thorough cleansing.

To start:

  1. Remove all of the bowls from your bong, as well as any other accessories.
  2. Remove the down stem if you use a water pipe for the flower.
  3. Fill your bong with warm water and gently scrub using a brush and paper towel.
  4. Once it is clean, use your paper towel to dry off the water. You can wipe away any leftover residue on the outside of your bong.

Why Is It Essential To Clean Bongs?

It helps in removing unwanted gunk and leftover residue from your pipe or


If you are a regular smoker, then smoking with a dirty pipe or bong will only make the bad taste even worse and could cause clogs and leaks.

It makes your bong better looking.

Regular cleaning is highly recommended if you want your pipe to last longer. Failure to do so can lead to corrosion, which could cause it to rust and even break. A clean pipe or bong will also look nicer as it gives off a deeper shine than a dirty one.

It will prevent you from coughing and choking.

When smoking a dirty pipe, you are more likely to spend more time coughing and choking. This is because the extra dirt clogs up your regular throat and inhaler, making it difficult for the smoker to breathe. Using a bong cleaner can make inhaling much easier, especially when you smoke with thick tar or sticky resin.

Wrap up

Bong cleaner is one of the essential items on the smoker’s shelf. The build-up can cause problems such as clogging and poor functioning. The lack of cleaning causes inconvenience and inefficiency to your daily smoking sessions. Get a hold of quality cleaning products from an online head shop and keep your device in the best shape.