We always find ourselves in conversations about diet, fat, and a healthy lifestyle. What we fail to understand always is that people are unique with their body composition. Body Composition is analyzed to know what the body is made of. Two people are extremely different types of bodies, and they should not be compared. Knowing your body composition will help you to have an idea of what part of your body, you need to work on your body to be healthy.

What is a Body Composition Analysis?

The Body Composition Analysis in London is a highly practiced method to differentiate fat, muscles, protein, minerals, and body water so that you will have the exact composition of your body. Having a better understanding will help you to reach your health goals easily.

Why is the BMI scale not accurate?

BMI scale is what we check universally in case of measuring what to work on. But this can be misleading for several people because of their body composition. The popular method fails to show how much of the person’s total weight has bad fat which needs to be removed to stay healthy. Predicting your health or mortality based on this scale may not be the right method.

Understanding your body weight

By doing the body composition analysis, you will know how much muscle you can lose as part of burning unwanted fat. If you don’t have any idea about muscle mass and body fat separately, your efforts will go in vain. Whatever your goals are when achieving a fit body, remember skinny is not healthy.

Developing a healthy body

Being skinny has always been considered as being healthy. Skinny people have high levels of risk of having diseases just as obese people. Skinny people have less muscle mass but appear to be healthy because of the thin layer of fat they carry. They have excessive visceral fat, which is not a good sign. Without knowing body composition, if you try to be healthy, it will end up in bad results. Skinny fat people assume they are healthy; all their health issues go undetected until they get severe. Skinny fat people should think about serious lifestyle changes if they come across even symptoms of all the risky diseases they can have.

Benefits of Understanding Body Composition

  • You will have a very clear idea of what to lose and what to gain in order to maintain a healthy body.
  • Keep track of your Percent Body Fat so that you are focusing on fat loss and not weight loss.
  • To reach your healthy lifestyle, maximize your workout and other routines.
  • Get more information and make educated decisions for your body. Do not let it suffer just to lose weight.
  • Stay motivated and ensure to set realistic expectations from your workout routine and body.