It’s probably the day one or two of bringing a new pup home! You may be now thinking what you’ve got yourself into. Apart from the overdose of cuteness of the new pup, even a new experience awaits you. You would be struggling to stay away from those surprise licks, bites, paw attacks and more such strange things. And during this time, our practical tips are going to prove God sent for you.

Ø Super useful tips for new puppy owners!

A puppy at home is absolutely good news just like a new baby in the house! But there are lots of new things to adopt and consider after bringing this four-pawed baby in your home. We are sure you would have raided the Internet till now to get all those useful tips. But let’s make your life simpler. We’ve got comprehensive yet quick tips for all you new puppy parents. Quickly start reading and follow them as soon as you can to make your new pup and you both comfortable at home.

o Crate is home — Your puppy’s new home would be its crate. Get a good one considering its size and include some of its mother’s or sibling’s cloth or belt in this crate to make the little one feel safe and at home.

o Install baby gates — Your puppy would start wandering. Spare the trouble; install baby gates to keep your pup secure at home.

o Fix a potty spot — If you don’t want the dog poo dirtying your entire house, fix a potty spot for it. Ensure it’s releasing the waste in this area henceforth.

o Daily routine is compulsory— It’s very essential to fix a daily schedule of activities for your puppy. This would keep it disciplined forever.

o Enrol in a puppy training class —Formal training is also crucial to ensure your puppy behaves well socially. You shouldn’t delay in enrolling it for puppy training. In Perth, Holistic Paws = Waggy Tails is the best pet training centre which cares for your pup and teaches the rules and inculcates good habits very precisely.

o Play time needs attention — Daily exercise and play is required for your puppy to stay fit and happy. No matter how busy you might be, set some time aside for various tricks and games regularly.

o Trip to vet need not be delayed — Early vaccination is amongst the first important tasks to carry after bringing a pet at home. A trip to the vet would also grant you a list of the required vaccinations and even its proper schedule for the future.

Never delay the visit to the specified vet clinic as they have the complete health record of pet. The people who visits the vet clinic for their pets are less likely to get their lovely pet any type of disease including the allergies and different types of cough. You can learn about the Kennel Cough by visiting this link:

o Reward good behaviour— Encouragement is equally vital for pups as it’s for kids. Always reward your puppy with its favourite treat when it behaves well. This obviously follows with some more nice initiatives from their side.

o Provide nutritious meals — A puppy demands nutritious meals in order to grow well and faster. If you want your little pup to be healthy, pick the best dog food for it and serve it at proper intervals.

This new journey is special. You’ll have a new friend now who would love being around you, enjoy playing with you and even be with you all the time. And if you study all the above tips well, you’ll have your super healthy and happy pup as your companion for years. If you want to learn more about pet health, food, and other accessories, visit this website useful information.