The US space agency NASA has announced thousands of dollars in prizes for those who design compact toilets on the moon.

According to NASA, anyone who designs a compact toilet that works on microgravity and the moon will be rewarded with 20,000.

The prize will be awarded to the person who designs the best the toilet, while the second-place winner will receive 10 10,000 and the third-place winner will receive 5,000.

NASA said that the design of this toilet will have to be based on a few basic principles, meaning that the design of the toilet cannot be larger than 4.2 cubic feet, nor can it have a capacity of more than 60 decibels.

NASA says that when astronauts are in their cabins, they take off their spacesuits and they also need a toilet that has all the necessities of a home.

According to NASA, the deadline for the Toilet Design Challenge is August 17