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Staying healthy as a new parent

People who are new parents often seek advice from the internet about staying healthy. One thing that every portal says is to eat healthily and move, but at most times, that is not going to fully solve your case. Your mental health is just as important as your body’s, so you will have to take care about that as well.

How can you stay healthy?

One thing that most parents forget when getting a baby is having fun. They just totally burden themselves with parentship, they can only think about that, and totally forget about themselves. You deserve to go out once in a month, and you deserve time to yourself as well.

Make sure you socialize, and if you are a gaming person, they play games. Don’t go overboard and play for countless hours, but one or two hours every day is fine, as long as it does not hurt your relationship.

What are other ways to help you stay healthy?

Besides gaming, there are a lot of options that you can choose to stay healthy. For example, you can go to the gym a few times a week, or drink smoothies. These little things can really help you with staying healthy.

How can you save time for yourself?

I know, when I was a new parent, I literally had no time for anything. Everything was revolving around the baby, and I just did not have time for myself. And while new fathers suffer this as well, at the same time moms are the ones that feel this the most. Women by default need more time for themselves than guys, and while having a baby, they even need more. But how can you create time for yourself, without taking aways from your baby’s?

A few tips for moms

I’m sure you know the feeling when packing for a long journey, or even just a quick trip to the store, and you literally can’t find anything you are looking for, you looked trough your bag, you even looked under the bed, and you still can’t find that thing, and after you are not looking for it, you find it in your bag.

Well, as you can see that takes a lot away from your time. We can spend hours looking for things, just because we are messy. A great solution to this is to use a breast pump bag, to keep your stuff organized. You have a breast pump what is big? No problem, most bags fit with every commercially available pump. Just simply choose a breast pump or tote bag. Have other things that you would like to put in your bag like a laptop, or some precious documents that you want to keep safe? Again, no problem at all, because literally, every bag that you can buy has a dedicated department for this kind of things, there are even smaller pockets, that you can use to put in your keychain, or smaller items.

What to choose?

There are a ton of bags on the market, and it is very hard to choose out of them. Just to mention a few, the medela and bananafish breast pump bags are very good, but how can you choose? You should always look at the reviews a bag has. Most of them are advertised good, but they are not that good when it comes to reviews. You should also look at websites that offer honest reviews and comparisons of these products.

One main thing that you should be always looking for, is cooling pockets where you can put your breast milk. These compartments help you to carry breast milk if you are going on a longer journey with your baby. Also make sure that your breast pump fits the bag, because although most bags can receive any pumps, but there are ones that can not.

 If you can get one that is smaller, and has a zipper front, so you don’t have to take out your breast pump when you would like to use it, then it is the best. That way you will only have to change or detach the pipes or cords of your pump.

I hope that this article helps you getting more time for yourself!