The Bodies Of Two Brothers Were Found Off The Coast Of England

Authorities searching for two missing 16- and 18-year-old brothers in Lancashire, England, have found two bodies. The two brothers, both from Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, have been missing since Saturday evening. Now the bodies of Muhammad...
ship fire

7 Ships Caught Fire At The Iranian Port

Seven ships docked at the port of Bushehr, Iran. According to Iranian media, firefighters are trying to extinguish the fire, black smoke rising from the planes was seen from far away areas. No casualties were reported...
fire in navy ship

Fire After Explosion in a US Navy Ship: 21 Injured

A terrible fire broke out in a US Navy ship in California, injuring 17 sailors and four civilians. According to local media, The navy ship was anchored at San Diego Naval Base for repairs and...
Turkish President

The Status of Aya Sofia’s Museum Ended, Turkish President Announces to Build a Mosque

Ankara Turkish President Rajab Tayyip Erdogan has signed a presidential decree to convert the historic building of Aya Sofia in Istanbul into a mosque. The presidential decree was issued by the Turkish president on...

India: Killer Of 8 Policemen Killed

Vikas Dubey, the killer of eight policemen arrested in India yesterday, who was shot by police firing while trying to escape. According to Indian media reports, the police said that Vikas Dubey was arrested from...
French Prime Minister

French Prime Minister And Cabinet Resigns

French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe has announced his resignation from the government. Prime Minister Edward Philippe will retain his seat as mayor, which he won in the recent local elections. President Emmanuel Macron will announce...
Russia's Presidenc

Putin’s Path To Russia’s Presidency Until 2036 is Clear

The referendum in Russia has paved the way for Vladimir Putin to remain President of Russia until 2036. According to preliminary results from the Russian Election Commission, 73% of Russians voted in favor of the...
us president

When I See All This Happening From Corona, I Get Angry At China, US...

US President Donald Trump has said that the coronavirus has spread all over the world and this epidemic has also caused severe damage to the United States. When I see all this happening from...
Hospital Fire

Egypt: 7 Killed In Hospital Fire

A fire broke out in a private hospital in Egypt, killing seven Corona patients. Seven patients infected with the coronavirus have died in a devastating fire at a private hospital in the Egyptian coastal city...

Design A Toilet For The Moon, Get A Prize From NASA

The US space agency NASA has announced thousands of dollars in prizes for those who design compact toilets on the moon. According to NASA, anyone who designs a compact toilet that works on microgravity and...