Being a mother is every women dream and yes, it is a wonderful thing. During the pregnancy time, the body adapt with the new condition to provide the sufficient nutrient for the baby by weight gaining. It is not surprising that a woman can gain weight up to more than 10 pounds during the pregnancy but it is not something to be afraid since you can always shred that baby weight. Losing weight after giving birth cannot be done recklessly especially if giving exclusive breastfeeding. The key for effective weight losing after pregnancy is no diet; it may sound strange, but, managing the meal plan is more important that the diet.

After giving birth, you certainly need wider variety of food to revive the body energy as well as breastfeeding. It is important to spread the meal throughout the day to ensure you get the even amount of nutrients and calories. This will give you stable energy to nurse the baby and take care of yourself.

The superfoods for supermom

Instead of committing strict diet, managing the balance eating is way more important. When you eat food high in nutrients, you will realize that you will feel fuller longer as well as have more energy for those 3 a.m. breastfeeding. The food rich in nutrients that can also maintain the body weight are fruits, vegetables, lean protein, whole grains, dairy product, leafy green, and so on. Fish is one example of lean proteins which is considered as superfood since it is packed with omega-3 fatty acid and DHA to help the newborn baby develop healthy brain. In addition, dairy products such as yogurt and milk are also a great source of calcium to keep the bone strong after labor.

It is a good idea to ask your friends and relatives to bring fruits, vegetables, beans, nuts, or other healthy food instead of let them bring sugary food. This certainly helps you to always consume healthy food. Moreover, the most important thing after giving birth is to keep the body hydrated especially if you are breastfeeding. Drink sufficient amount of water, not fruit juice which is high in sugar and soda, to keep the body refreshed. Drinking enough water also promotes metabolism system which leads to fast weight losing.

Why Bistro MD to help weight losing?

Having a new born baby indeed makes you very busy and sometimes you do not have time to think of other things. No matter how busy you are; when it comes to clean eating for post pregnancy, bistromd will help you. Bistro MD provides nutrition balanced meal for any diet purpose such as post pregnancy, diabetes, menopause, or just regular weight losing. The nutritionists make the diet plan customize for each member. It also provides support and feedback during the weigh losing process. For seven days a week, you can get full breakfast, lunch and dinner meal plan which is delivered to your door. Therefore, you can focus on nursing the baby while Bistro MD helps you maintain the nutrition intake and body weight.