You love artificial grass, don’t you? It looks so refreshing and charming with its natural green colour and fantastic fibre. You certainly love laying it in your garden and deck! But do you know artificial grass can make your indoors look natural and fabulous too! There are numerous ways to adorn your home interiors with artificial turf and some of them would beat a lot of expensive ideas too.

Ø Unique ideas to beautify your home interiors with artificial grass!

We are here talking about how just using fake grass creatively can enhance the beauty of your home. But the thumb rule to achieve the same is to get the best quality artificial grass. In NZ, Unreal Lawns provide you with an excellent quality of this grass which would certainly add the X-factor to your home’s beauty! Now read about those awesome ways through which they can make your home look absolutely lovely.

o Upholstery covers — You may have seen sofa and lounge covers of velvet and leather. But the new refreshing and charming trend is to adorn them with artificial grass. Yes! You’ll see a lot of pictures of chairs having green skin which aren’t anything but artificial grass on the net. They look all the more enticing if your walls are coloured in nude palettes or simply clear white!

o As borders of your arts and frames — You love art as wall décor in your living room. And these can look even more impressive if you are adding borders of fake grass around them. It’s because some of these grasses are very thin in texture, just like canvas — and that is why they can easily cover the corners of your favourite frame making it look charming and attractive!

o Accent wall covering — Well, grass on the floor is monotonous! Now we can enjoy their refreshing look even on our walls. That one accent wall in your room will add pizzazz to the entire space. And want to add diamonds to the crown? Place some natural wall décor ideas – like bamboo structures or dry-flower wreaths – now step back and enjoy the view!

o Rugs and carpets — Another way to let the artificial grass enter your home is by keeping them at entrances or at the foot of your bed on the floor. They’ll look captivating in the centre of your room and give you a soothing feel under your feet.

o As grass curtain — Will you believe if we say that artificial grass can provide you optimum privacy with its thick and lush texture? Yes, it’s true. Just hang them as a curtain in your balcony and you’ll love the green curtain that hides you from the world and looks absolutely ravishing in your indoors at the same time.

o Bathroom backdrop wall — Sounds weird but yes, artificial grass in your bathroom backdrop wall can look as rich as it does in any other part of your home! It doesn’t get harmed by the moisture and you’ll feel as if you are standing near a waterfall when the shower water touches its green fibres.

Aren’t these ideas lovely? We are sure you are dying to try these in your home as soon as you can. After all, who doesn’t love the natural green feel in their personal space (which also makes the interior look magnificent)?