Freelancing has many perks, such as becoming your own boss, working in your pajamas, and setting your schedule and rates. But, it demands more effort and focus, and before beginning your freelance business, you must develop a soft computing skill.

However, the career may occasionally feel like it has some downsides, such as inconsistency of work, a lack of company-sponsored health benefits, and loneliness.

If you struggle to handle the pressure, feel lonely, or want to secure more consistent projects, you may need to adjust your working life.

Check out these four must-read tips for a better freelance life.

1. Master Self-Discipline

According to a survey of 1,000 Americans with varying careers, freelancers experience more stress compared to other types of workers.

If you’re struggling with stress, missing deadlines, and losing clients, you might believe freelance life isn’t for you, but you may only need to adjust your mindset.

The most successful freelance writers will be the first to tell you that self-discipline is crucial.

You must develop tunnel vision during the working day, which means switching off the TV, ignoring the lure of the fridge, and finding a quiet environment to work in.

Self-discipline will help you complete tasks on schedule and to a high standard. It will ensure you have more time to spend with your loved ones, relaxing, and pursuing hobbies or interests.

2. Start Hot Desking

As mentioned earlier, a freelance career can feel isolating, as you may feel cutoff from the rest of the world.

If you want to connect with others each day, feel a part of a creative atmosphere, and network with people from all industries, hotdesking is a worthy consideration.

You can buy a day pass or pay a monthly fee to use the co-working space at your leisure, offering reliable Wi-Fi and a cool environment.

Hotdesking will provide plenty of opportunities to chat, laugh, and form connections with other hard-working professionals each daywho could benefit your freelance career.

3. Be Clear About Your Availability

A clear schedule is beneficial to you and your clients. It will create working boundaries to ensure you have time to unwind, de-stress, and have fun.

For instance, if you work Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm, a client is less likely to set a weekend deadline or contact you during the evening.

Also, a clear schedule will help set expectations with a client, allowing them to optimize their to-do lists.

4. Take a Break

Breaks are important for your mental and physical health. Stepping away from your computer screen will provide distance from your job to lower your stress levels, prevent fatigue, and lift your mood.

Also, set time aside to go for a walk outdoors to enjoy some fresh air, get your body moving, and improve your focus once you return to your desk.

You might think working continuously throughout the day will reduce your stress, as it will decrease your workload. However, you will likely feel mentally and physically exhausted without a break, which can cause your stress levels to rise.

A freelance career doesn’tneed to be lonely, stressful, or intense. The key is to practice self-discipline, take regular breaks, connect with others regularly, and set a strict schedule for a better work-life balance.